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Current Fractional Violins for sale (subject to change)








Current Fractional Violas for sale (subject to change) 

A Word to Tiger Moms/Dads
Do you think your child's violin playing will lead to admission to MIT?  It might, but it can also lead to this:

Family Friendly 




I've got a loose definition of family, home-schooling groups and neighbors count!


Discount for families buying more than one instrument.  Trade-ins for kids outgrowing their violins.

Here's one of my family stories.  My great Uncle Fred was a dental student at U. of Michigan in the early 1920's.  He dropped out to become a violinist in a jazz band and went to Europe, where he played with Lud Gluskin and his Versatile Juniors:             He never finished dental school and his  mother was inconsolable.

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