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Bow Mites: the sad truth

Why are children still playing with a sponge on their necks?

Who decided kids don't deserve a real shoulder rest?
There are plenty of kid-sized shoulder rests.  If you buy your violin from Montchanin Mountain Music, you will go home with one that fits your instrument.  (Well, not if you choose a cello.)
If the kid still wants to play with a sponge that may have been used to clean up spaghetti and dog messes, that's fine with me as long as it is a choice, i.e. to play the instrument with a ideal bacterial growth medium touching their body.

What could possibly go wrong with buying fiddles online sight unseen?

The descriptions can be a little hard to's one I found online:

The strings are correctly spaced, and the throat is extremely comfortable. It comes filled with a high-end carbon dietary fiber violin bow, a high quality Oblong lightweight violin situation…..It comes down with a brand new metal training mute and a superior neck sleep. 

More about shoulder rests

from the Cassandra Strings website:   

Keep in mind: Cassandra was a character in Greek mythology who was

never believed.

Is it better to learn by ear or from sheet music?  

I'm agnostic, both are good. However, I prefer the learn-by-ear approach 

when I'm     

What's the difference between a fiddle and a violin?                               

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